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The Psychology department at the RBWH offers psychological support in many inpatient units across the hospital and a range of specialist outpatient services. Our psychologists offer clinical psychology services tailored to the needs of each patient and their family:

- To help patients cope better with their medical conditions

- To help patients feel supported and better engaged in their treatment

Over the years, we have had patients and their family members comment on the layout and design of the Psychology department and therapeutic space. Some of these comments include:

“The clinic rooms have no windows or natural light”

“The rooms are not very welcoming”

“The lighting in the room can be quite glaring”

This feedback has highlighted the need and importance to improve our therapeutic space in order to enhance the patients’ experience. While there is no single way to design a conducive therapeutic room, mental health professionals can help ensure that patients have a comfortable therapeutic experience by keeping the area a welcoming, cozy, warm and safe for emotionally vulnerable individuals.

To ensure that we are able to improve our therapeutic space to have a positive effect on the healing process, the RBWH Psychology department needs support from the community. 

All money donated to this fundraising page will assist in creating a welcoming, calm, peaceful and supportive space for patients who are often dealing with extremely distressing and life altering health issues. This would include installing appropriate wall art, plants, comfortable furnishings, and adjustable lighting etc, so that RBWH patients have an appropriate environment to support them in achieving the best health outcomes possible.

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All donations over $2 are tax deductible and you will be issued with a tax-deductible receipt via email as soon as you make your donation.

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Matched Gift - Team Psychology Department Patient Friendly Upgrades


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Matched Gift Psychology Department


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It's a privilege to provide support to people, often in some of their darkest times. Will be fabulous to provide that support in a more welcoming environment.


Marg Gould

A wonderful project! All the best Ang.



Go Team - great service!




#psychology Team

Well done on a fabulous bake sale fundraiser!